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Welcome to the website of the Pennine Lancashire School Centred Initial Teacher Training and Education Partnership, the PLSCITT. 


Our bi-weekly newsletter can be downloaded here that are taking place this year at Alder Grange and at Ribblesdale School.

Information Evening

Find out more about our Open Evenings that are taking place this year at Alder Grange and at Ribblesdale School.


ITTE - why teach?

Being a teacher is not what you do - it is what you are; not just a profession but a way of life.

As a teacher you would have the power, over the term of your career, to enhance or damage the lives of thousands of young people so it is essential that all potential teachers are acutely aware of their awesome responsibility. As you will understand, this is a wonderful vocation for those suited to it, and torture for those who are not.

Being a highly effective teacher requires the development of a blend of intellectual, social, personal and professional qualities.  Not everyone has them, so our selection processes are designed to ensure we recruit for training only those who do.

If you believe you have the necessary qualities and capabilities, please read on.

The Pennine Lancashire School Centred ITTE Partnership

Ours is an Initial Teacher Training and Education partnership, founded on decades of highly successful teacher training experience and now accredited as a provider by the Teaching Agency in February 2013. The core of our partnership comprises of four excellent schools and an outstanding university:

Alder Grange School, Rawtenstall (the ‘lead’ school)

The Hollins Technology College, Accrington

Marsden Heights Community College, Nelson

Ribblesdale School, Clitheroe

Edge Hill University.