Ahoj Z Praha,

That is about as far as our understanding of the Czech language goes…

In such a short space of time we feel that we have gained not only the experience a new school in a different country brings, but also memories that we will remember for life. We will definitely find it hard to leave in a couple of weeks time!

The experience of working in a selective, international school has allowed us to experience an almost different way of teaching compared to what we have been accustomed to in the UK. What has been familiar though is the warm welcome we received and how quickly we have integrated into school-life and the classroom. Students still require the same from us in terms of guidance, support and to be the one that challenges them academically. In return, they have been open to our instruction and have made it an easy transition into a slightly different classroom environment.

The main difference between teaching in the UK and at the ECP is the idea of autonomy and independence in students. We spend our lessons openly discussing the big ideas within our subjects and what impacts they have, alongside the core curriculum that they follow here in the IB & IGCSE. Students within classes help each other and provide guidance from their own independent study. The experience of this has opened our eyes to the endless possibilities of how we can continue to improve our teaching upon our return in the UK.

Alongside teaching, we have been experiencing the Czech culture and exploring the beautiful city of Prague. Along with the Nottingham trainees we went cannoning down the River Sazava, which was an experience; by the end of it nobody was dry! Last week Mark climbed Snezka, the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic, to catch the sunrise. He was ill equipped for the hike wearing only shorts and trainers which upon reflection would have probably failed a risk assessment – the views were certainly worth it!

This weekend we are visiting Bohemian Switzerland National Park, not to be confused with ‘actual’ Switzerland because apparently the term ‘Switzerland’ is used to describe its beauty. Narnia was also filmed there but hopefully we don’t run into any lions!