On all our secondary programmes you will be allocated a Lead Subject Coach, an expert in their subject,  who will work with you to develop your subject knowledge, curriculum expertise  and subject pedagogy.  

Art and Design – Lita Keenan

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Chemistry – Claire Wilkinson

I started teaching in 2012 at Our Lady and St John’s in Blackburn. I was both pupil and NQT at OLSJ and stayed there for five extremely happy yet eye opening years. I made the move to Ribblesdale to take on the role of Second in Science. The school is a fantastic place to work with lots of opportunity for CPD with lots of great teachers to learn from and work with.  Whilst at Ribblesdale I took on the role of Chemistry Lead for the PLSCITT and have been involved in delivering CPD sessions  in Engaging Boys.

The best thing about this job is that every single day is different. You can plan your lessons, but you can never plan on what the pupils are going to do or say! Working with teenagers does have its challenges but it can also be very rewarding and quite funny a lot of the time.  My advice to trainees is to use your time wisely in school and take advantage of all the support available to you, not just from your mentor but from all members of the department you’re working in. There will be a lot of experience and a lot of ideas that people are more than willing to share with you. And remember, it WILL get easier!

Computing – Phil Hackett

Design Technology – Emma Barnett

I have taught Design Technology for 20 years and specialise in Textiles.  I have been involved in mentoring trainees for a number of years and since 2019 have been the DT subject coach delivering subject pedagogy to our trainees. 

The best thing about teaching is the variety the job brings.  My advice is that trainees should be flexible, be well planned, be reflective!

Drama – Lauren White

English – Dan Harper

Geography – Nagina Johnstone 

I have been a teacher of geography for fourteen years and a year coordinator for ten.  I have been the lead subject coach for PLSCITT for  a number of years and in this role I mentor geography trainees and provide cpd on subject pedagogy and the geography curriculum for both PLSCITT and the North West SCITT consortium.  In addition to delivering CPD about AFL, marking and behaviour management.

Teaching is the most rewarding job with regards to enabling students to mature both academically and emotionally. And my advice to all trainees is to be organised, this will make the job so much easie

History – Chris Watson

Maths – Jamie Cross 

I have been teaching maths for 18 years and have taught in 4 different schools.  During my career I have worked as Teacher of Maths, Numeracy Coordinator, Head of Department, Lead Practitioner and I am a SLE for maths for the East Lancashire Teaching School Alliance.  I have both taken part in and delivered CPD in teaching and learning, subject pedagogy,  and am currently leading a number of National collaborative Projects for three Maths Hubs in the region. As an SLE I have been involved with school-to-school support.  I have been involved in the mentoring of trainees for 15 years.  The best part of my job is still being in the classroom.

Professional collaboration is a fundamental feature of teacher development. My advice for all trainee teachers to engage with other staff and schools as much as possible. 

MFL – Charlotte King

I followed a school centered training route and since gaining QTS have spent ten years as MFL teacher and nine as head of department.  I have delivered trainee CPD sessions in the use of target language in the MFL classroom, challenge and engagement, use of data and have also led whole school CPD on modelling.  the best thing about teaching is that every day is different.

My advice to trainees is to observe as much as possible as you won’t get this chance again! Also say yes to as many opportunities you get – trips, duties, clubs etc!

Music – Ben Parker

PE – Dave Palffry

RE – Sarah Guiste

I have been a qualified teacher for a decade, how time flies, but I can still remember the nerve-wracking experience of being a trainee. It is a great privilege to be able to nurture the next generation of teachers and I truly hope they have a career that has been as rewarding as mine. I can’t deny that the trainee year may well be one of the most challenging times in your life, but sometimes the most difficult things are the most rewarding and I promise that the positives far outweigh the negatives!