PLSCITT Curriculum Intent

The PLSCITT core training programme has at its heart a desire to produce outstanding teachers who are passionate about their subject and who are able to fire pupils’ curiosity so they have a thirst for learning. In this way it is intended to support the development of the whole child and furnish them with a range of key transferable skills & knowledge that will able them to reach their full potential.

All our programmes (primary, secondary and SEND) follow the ITT core curriculum.  More about this can be found here

We have four drivers for the PLSCITT curriculum.  And intend for our trainees to be:

  • Teachers of The World
  • Expert Teachers and Expert Learners
  • Leaders of Professional Partnerships

and central to this is that our teachers will:

  • Ensure Achievement for All

All our trainees regardless of their chosen programme follow our core curriculum.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela