Pennine Lancashire SCITT
We’re with you every step of the way!
Our friendly, supportive SCITT team are here for you throughout the year offering advice and guidance both pastorally and professionally.Your Teacher Training Journey

A great combination of school and centre based learning, plus wider enrichment opportunities.

Experience in up to 8 different school settings throughout the your teacher training year; two placements plus facilitated ‘hands-on’ learning in a wide range of schools.

Your Learning Base 

Our SCITT centre located at Alder Grange High  School, has been designed specifically to accommodate professional learning sessions in a positive and inclusive environment.

Enjoy full use of our SCITT facilities on our centre based learning days and if you are on a placement at Alder Grange.

Your Employability 

We haven’t done our job until you secure your first teaching job and the support doesn’t end there; retention is also crucial and once you have joined the profession we will continue to support you during your career.

Ongoing support programmes from leaders, teachers and members of the PLSCITT team to support every trainee to secure their first job.