To enhance our own subject training we enrol trainees on the PTI New Teacher Subject Days.  These days are offer subject knowledge enhancement and teaching strategies, insight into the latest academic thinking and access to a wealth of resources.

These are delivered across four Saturdays and:
• Is developed by experienced teachers, ensuring relevance to the curriculum
• Is centred on pedagogical approaches and practical applications of your subject
• Features speakers from leading universities to enhance subject knowledge with the latest academic thinking
• Provides new teachers with a network of peers and experienced teachers

New Teacher Certificate
Teachers who attend all four days and complete quality Learning Resource Assignments will be eligible to receive the PTI New Teacher Certificate, a personal accreditation recognising the development of specialist subject knowledge.

These are offered in the following subjects:

  • Biology (subjects offered incude Membranes, transport and the kidneys, Nerves and hormones, Plants and photosynthesis, Immune system and immunity)
  • Chemistry (this covers Thermodynamics, Rates and equilibria, REDOX and electrochemistry, Chemical analysis)
  • English (covering The Gothic, The Romantics, Shakespeare’s comedies, Modern poetry)
  • Geography (covering Climate change and glaciation, Weather, climate and ecosystems, Changing places and fieldwork, Population and migration)
  • History (covering Rise of extremism: Europe after WWI, The world turned upside down:Tudor and Stuart upheaval, Medicine through time; warfare, A world divided: The Cold War and Vietnam)
  • Maths (this covers Fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion, Coordinate geometry, Angle reasoning & trigonometry, Algebraic manipulation)
  • French (this covers Le cinéma, La musique, L’histoire et les actualités, Une région et l’art)
  • Spanish (covering Suprimamos el inglés del aula; Frida, Kahlo, El cine de Guillermo del Toro; Cuba, La guerra civil española; Poesia, El rap español y la inmigración)