Across our programmes we offer a range of subjects and key stages/specialisms.  The UCAS codes are shown below

including with East Lancashire Inclusion Partnership (provider code: 1NP)

Primary 2676

Primary with SEN 2HP5

Primary with Early Years  (G566)

Our core programme P38

  • Biology 35LN
  • Chemistry 2CFT
  • Computing 2PTS
  • English 2CFS
  • Geography 393H
  • History 2C85
  • Maths 2C7T
  • PE 2PT7

Our partners ELTSA School Direct work with us and offer places to train in:

Provider code 2KB

  • Art and Design 39N2
  • Design Technology 39N3
  • Drama 39N4
  • MFL 39N5
  • Music E262
  • RS 39N6


Many applicants worry that their subject knowledge may be lacking to be able to teach their chosen subject up to GCSE and beyond.  We are able to support you in developing your subject knowledge and you may qualify for a fully funded Subject Knowledge Enhancement course in these subjects:

Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Design and Technology, English, Geography, Languages, Maths, Religious Education.